The OneDrive Blog

The new OneDrive API

I’m excited to announce the release of the new OneDrive API, which allows developers to integrate OneDrive into their apps to store and manage user data across all major platforms, including Windows, the web, iOS, and Android. With this new RESTful API, you can build on a scalable cloud storage platform that reaches users across the entire family of Microsoft consumer services. Read more

OneDrive turns One. Thanks for a great year!

I can’t believe it was only a year ago that we launched OneDrive. We wouldn’t be anywhere without the hundreds of millions of people that use OneDrive and I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the entire OneDrive team!Read more

OneDrive <3 Secure Passwords

The security of your OneDrive is really important to us. We’re continually working to make it easier for you to both keep your OneDrive secure while also making it easier for you to access. And that’s why I’m excited to share our latest update with you: OneDrive on iOS now works with your favorite password managers! Read more

New features come to Office Online

The Office team announced they are rolling out multiple new features in Office Online that improve the Reading View, file management, and editing experiences. Among those features is an easier way to add files to OneDrive. If you are accessing a file you aren’t able to edit – such as a file someone shared with “view only” permissions – you can save your own copy with one click via the new ‘Add to OneDrive’ button on the toolbar. Read more

Your work and life on all your Apple devices!

Today we’re excited to announce new ways that you can access and manage your OneDrive files from your iOS and Mac devices. Read more

Introducing an all new way to view, manage, and share your photos in OneDrive

This has been a busy and exciting time for all of us on the OneDrive team. Last week, we unveiled more features coming with Windows 10 including how you can use Cortana to search your OneDrive, how you will be able to have your music available through Xbox Music, and how OneDrive will work with the all-new Photos app. Today, I’m eager to build upon what we demoed in Windows 10 and announce a number of updates centered on making your OneDrive photo experience richer and smarter. Key updates coming over the next couple of weeks include: adding the ability for customers to curate photos from their phone, desktop, and inbox quickly and simply; a new feature that allows you to view, manage, and share photos with Albums; and finally, through a partnership with Bing, customers can now search for their files and photos in a new and exciting way! Read more