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Hey iPhone Users…You Can Now Get 30 GB of Free Storage with OneDrive!

Tonight, we are pleased to announce that we are doubling the amount of free storage you get with OneDrive. While it might seem strange to announce new features on a Friday evening, we've been listening to the commentary about storage on the new iPhones released today and we wanted to get you more storage right away. We think you'll appreciate having more free storage while setting up your iPhone 6 or upgrading to iOS 8. It's a limited time offer, so act fast and download OneDrive for iOS.Read more

Office Lens: Convert Hardcopy Docs and Notes into Editable Files on OneDrive

Today the Office Lens app on Windows Phone received an update – you can now can take pictures of whiteboard notes or paper documents and Office Lens coverts them directly into editable Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. The documents are automatically saved to your OneDrive so you can access them on any device.Read more

OneDrive now supports 10 GB files

Our goal with OneDrive is to provide a single place for you to store and share all the files in your life, regardless of their number or size. That’s why we’re excited to make it possible for you to store larger files, get them into OneDrive more quickly, and share them easily.  Read more

OneDrive gets smarter on your phone: Access your work documents, new photo view, and search enhancements

We want OneDrive to be the one place for everything in your work and life. That means continually updating the service and our apps to give you an easier and more intuitive experience, helping you be more productive, and ensuring that you’re never without the files that matter to you. You want the ability to view those photos from that trip to Hawaii as well as work on your sales proposal – all from one device.  Read more

OneDrive on all of your devices. Now available for Kindle Fire and Fire phone

We are excited to announce that OneDrive is now available for download in the Amazon Appstore! A couple of weeks ago, our colleagues on the Office team released the OneNote app, which gave Kindle Fire and Fire phone customers the ability to capture, organize, and share notes via OneNote. And today, they can now do even more with their OneDrive account; they can store, view, and share their favorite photos and important documents right from their phone or tablet. With OneNote and OneDrive, these users will have access to their notes and files and the ability to be more productive while on the go.  Read more

Updates to OneDrive on iOS and Windows Phone: Video playback, easier sharing, and more powerful downloads

We recently launched an update to our iOS and Windows Phone apps. We added a few new features and brought back one we previously removed. Please keep the feedback coming and thanks for using OneDrive.   Updates to OneDrive for iOS In our June update, we made it even easier to get your photos and videos backed up to OneDrive. As a result, both photos and videos were automatically backed up. But we heard from some of you that you really liked being able to back up just your photos and not your videos. Your feedback came in loud and clear, and we’ve brought that option back.  Read more