OneDrive is Now Available Worldwide: Free Cloud Storage for Microsoft, iOS, and Android Devices

Today we are thrilled to announce the global availability of OneDrive. For our existing SkyDrive customers, you are all set; your files are ready in the new OneDrive experience. All you have to do is head over to and log in. For those of you hearing about the service for the first time, OneDrive gives you one place for all of your files, including photos, videos, and documents, and it’s available across the devices you use every day.



When we announced the new name OneDrive, we noted how it is much more aligned with our vision for the future. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get all of your favorite stuff in one place—one place that is accessible via all of the devices you use every day, at home and at work. Because let’s face it, until now, cloud storage services have been pretty hard to use, and the vast majority of us still have our stuff spread out everywhere. In fact, according to a recent poll*, at least 77% of people who are familiar with the cloud still have content stored on a device that is not backed up elsewhere.


We want to change that.


As part of that goal, we’re doing more than just changing the name with today’s release: We’re rolling out several new capabilities, including automatic camera backup for Android and the ability to share and view videos just as easily as photos. We’ve also added new ways for you to earn more storage—on top of the 7 GB we already give you for free. Customers who refer friends can now receive up to 5 GB (in 500 MB increments) for each friend who accepts an invitation to OneDrive, and we’ll even give you 3 GB just for using the camera backup feature, since we want to help make sure you never lose another photo. There’s even a new monthly payment plan, if you’d like a little more flexibility in how you use your storage.


Of course, OneDrive also builds on everything you know and loved about SkyDrive.


Available across every major device and platform

We’ve built OneDrive into the latest versions of Windows, Windows Phone, Office, and Xbox. You can even make OneDrive your default storage option, so you never have to worry about whether you are saving files to the cloud: They are just there. If you happen to carry an iPhone or Android phone, or use an iPad, Android tablet, Windows device, or a Mac—OneDrive is available there, too.


OneDrive Microsoft Collection


The best way to store, view, and share photos and videos

The deep integration with so many of the products you already use means you never have to worry about manually saving your photos and videos. And no more trying to sort out what video format to use—it just works. Plus, Start screen integration with Windows 8.1, and even Xbox slide shows, means there are countless ways your favorite photos and those photos shared with you come to life. And with OneDrive, you can share photos or videos directly to Facebook or via email with one click. You can even record and share gameplay from your Xbox One.


Perfect for sharing documents

OneDrive is built in to Office as the default save location, so you can see the recent documents you were working on and pick up right where you left off, even if you switch devices. With real-time co-authoring using the free online version of Office in OneDrive, you can work on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents simultaneously with colleagues or family, and see edits as they happen in the latest version of the document.


Built for businesses, too

With OneDrive for Business, companies can give their employees the ability to store, sync, and collaborate on files across multiple devices with ease, manageability, and security. Not only does OneDrive for Business deliver an intuitive experience for employees, allowing them to seamlessly collaborate on documents right from within Office, but it is also backed with enterprise-grade content management, compliance, and administrative controls. Stay tuned for more about OneDrive for Business at the upcoming SharePoint Conference.


To celebrate the official launch of OneDrive, today we will also give 100,000 people 100 GB of free storage for 1 year. That’s 10 PB of free storage—enough storage space for a photo of everyone on the planet. If you want to be one of those 100,000, keep an eye on @OneDrive for clues.


We are excited to share OneDrive with you today, and look forward to hearing what you think. For more details on how to get started, including step by step instructions, just visit

Chris Jones

Corporate Vice President, Windows Services


*Source: Online survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Microsoft Corp from December 19-31, 2013, among 801 adults ages 18 and older who have previously heard of cloud storage.

292 Responses to OneDrive is Now Available Worldwide: Free Cloud Storage for Microsoft, iOS, and Android Devices

  1. i didn’t get 10gb for auto camera roll !

    my email id : **********@****.***

    windows phone nokia lumia 720

    & i didn’t get your 20gb promotional for windows phone ( really disappointed )

  2. ahh says:

    Seriously, relax, it’s just a name change.

  3. JT Huang says:

    Where can I refer friends? I can not find that option.

  4. premkumar says:

    The old wine in new bottle…. But I like the new update made….. :)

  5. MrSpud says:

    Is that all that is happening.. a rebrand??

    All I want is ability to save email attachments directly to cloud, and auto upload photo/video on android!

  6. Ady says:

    That’s all good. But please seriously take a look at first 50 comments on Google Play page for OneDrive app People have lots of complains regarding difficulties they are facing in uploading photos and lack of re-upload failed files and lack of multi-select support.

    Its being a while these complains are unattended. Please have a stab on those issues and give Android folks something to like from Microsoft. This is a good opportunity, if you know what I am saying!

    • JD says:

      Opportunity for them to give free space. The Android crowd isn’t switching to Windows based phones or tablets and certainly not based on what OneDrive does.

    • JP says:

      And not only that but:

      “Android beat Apple in tablet sales last year — Gartner”

      I’d love to see MS be successful here. They just have to stop acting like they’re going to shift the world to their devices with these products that are arguably “young” (see comparison of Skydrive Pro to Dropbox for Business, it’s not even funny).

      If they aren’t willing to have an intern login to Google Play and at least triage/answer comments, and make some accommodations it just screams “We’re the old Microsoft and we don’t care about your feedback”. They do care, they just don’t act like it.

  7. Ali says:

    Sounds interesting, still waiting for an update, because it is still Skydrive…..

  8. Max says:

    No 3GB for Camera :/
    but nice update

  9. Alex says:

    But where’s my 3GB for turning on Camera Roll on Android? You promised!!!

  10. If I want to refer OneDrive to my friend,
    Am I must have a referral Link ?
    and how can I have a Referral Link ?

    Thank You

  11. gramp says:

    No 3GB for Camera

  12. Bob Colclough says:

    If the sharing of documents is integrated into windows phone, ios app, android app and windows explorer on win 7,8,8.1, it will indeed be brilliant. Many people using win rt and windows have been waiting 18 months for this.

  13. Rob says:

    Just added my free 20g promo :) what with free 7gb, 20gb bfrom Nokia Lumia 920 and 200gb from Surface 2, I now have around 250gb free Sky/Onedrive.
    I also use to remotely get my pc files at work with the pc app so no longer need logmein.
    Seen many negative comments on Apple App store which is typical. Compared to the rotten Apple tied in offerings this is miles ahead.

  14. Micke says:

    I still end up on the skydrive site when logging on…

  15. James Makumbi says:

    The logos on the site when you long in have not changed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I thought this was a “Rebrand”? Now you want me to download ANOTHER android app instead of just upgrading the existing one?
    First you screwed me on the extra space because I was one of the earliest users of skydrive and you only offered the 7gb to people who signed on after the promotion began now you want me to download another app and probably you will screw me over the 3gb.
    The dropbox app has been syncing camera rolls for years! Get this right on all platforms and maybe I will abandon dropbox.

  16. error says:

    when i want upgrade plan get error:
    [string not found (global.errorretrievingcontent)]

  17. thetre says:

    i like the new name….. and love the free 20gb you gave me!!

    thanks… :)

  18. Akash says:


    the URL still states: “”
    But I am sure u guys are already on top of this ;)

  19. Germano says:

    Io non vedo i 20 gb devono ancora attivare lo spazio gratuito !

  20. Arlyn Culwick says:

    My 20GB code didn’t work, and then SkyDrive support says that there is no such thing as a 20GB code being sent to OneDrive early adopters.

    And yet I see two commenters here have already got their extra 20GB.

    Please inform your support people that you’re emailing people 20GB codes.

    • AJ says:

      the code isn’t for OneDrive early adopters. it’s for those who had been subscribed to some newsletter or something about OneDrive before release. and I think then that they might’ve had a limited time frame to redeem that in. so not support’s fault, the people talking about the 20gb they got haven’t been clear as to why they got it. hence the confusion from people wanting the extra storage and trying to get it too

  21. Billy says:

    yes Arlyn Culwick, the same happened to me and all my family :(

  22. Errol says:

    One drive camera upload works perfect. I use Copy at the moment and i have to decide what i will use in the future.

  23. CloudExpert says:

    If you really want a referral program that works, use Copy which offers 15GB on joining up and 5GB bonus for each referral. It is available on ios, android and windows desktop. It is also planning to allow WebDAV which would enable you to map it as a network drive.

  24. kakku55 says:

    I got my 3gb with no problems.

  25. Neycker says:

    I just saw the picture in the login section and it has a surface(cool), a galaxy phone and an iphone.
    Where the **** is a windows phone?? I mean comen on, Onedrive is a Microsoft service. I know you are different team but you guys must support each other! Small things like advertising your own brands is a Must for a company like Microsoft.

    Still I’m happy with this service and it will definitely become my cloud storage solution once I requiere more storage. Keep up the good work Onedrive team.

  26. Errol says:

    Hope microsoft will use a code/password on the phoneapp in the future.

  27. Ali says:

    I didn’t get my 3 GB after upgrade skydrive app for android to one drive and turn on back up my camera roll.

  28. Sukhe says:

    is onedrive skydrive ? :/

  29. Ungeheuler says:

    Thx. I need the 100 GB. ;-)

  30. jojo says:


    I Need the 100 Gb


  31. Rinsoy says:

    Still skydrive here :( India

  32. Steven says:

    100GB plz ><!

  33. Steve Lee says:

    Until we can share files from the Win 8 client this is pretty useless and folks will stick with dropbox etc.

  34. Bryan says:

    No free 3G upgrade when activate camera backup on iOS. :-(

  35. chad wingart says:


  36. chad wingart says:

    100GB request

  37. Numair Ahmed says:

    Got my bonus 20GB free for an year! Yippie! :)

  38. Gao Zhi says:

    dear OneDrive,

    even though i already have 250GB

    i will be flying if u give me another 100GB extra storage …

    plz… ^^

  39. Gao Zhi says:

    dear OneDrive,

    even though i already have 250GB

    i will be flying if u give me another 100GB extra storage …

    plz… ^^

  40. Nicolas says:

    How to get the free 100GB ?

  41. c9z says:

    How long will it take to get my 3GB free storage? I’ve already turned on camera backup on my phone, but the total storage remained unchanged.

    • Gin says:

      Me neither…Waiting

      • Michael says:

        I just went to the main page and got a dialog that I can’t get the bonus space because I’m not a new account. If that also pertains to the camera roll bonus, then I’ll definitely be deleting what I just uploaded, as it has taken up a lot of my already skimpy remaining storage.

        • says:

          That’s definitely NOT what the message said on my Android phone when I updated to One Drive. Didn’t get my 3GB either. When I click on “learn more” on my PC in “manage storage”, screen goes blank. Looks like a troubled rollout to me.

        • Arpit says:

          camera roll bonus has nothing do with new/old account. it doesnt expire as well

  42. Vinicius Bartholdi says:

    And what about a Linux version for the desktop app? For Ubuntu at least? A Linux user is not always an enemy of Microsoft procucts.

  43. Steffen says:

    would like 100GB too

  44. golddust says:

    Just a name change. If they haven’t fixed the file syncing issue between pcs when a Windows 8(8.1) computer is in the mix, I’ll stay with Dropbox. I was an avid user of Skydrive until that problem arose.

  45. John says:

    I referred a ton of people before this switch.. wish I could still get the bonus space

  46. Weithenn says:

    hope can get 100GB :p

  47. Emir says:

    sevdim seni Microsoft

  48. Peter says:

    The camera roll bonus doesn’t seem to work for me. Using the Android app.

  49. Loren says:

    Please give me 100 GB… I need to back up my HD to the cloud. :/

  50. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    Not impressed yet. Playing an mp4 and changing the resolution resulted in an error. I love the idea, but it is too expensive still. Especially, if one brings photo archives online, shoots for Photosynths. To work as a backup for me, just documents, photos and my own video clips, I would need 500GB now. Digitizing my archives and shooting a lot more for Photosynth, I would expect needing 1TB soon.

  51. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    The timeline for accessing photos is nice, it is not new. A globe to select photos and videos on a spot is missing. Functionality to add geo tagging and co-ordinates to photos and videos would be nice too.

  52. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    Where is the functionality to select photos and start creating a Photosynth?

  53. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    I will no longer create photo albums on Facebook and Google+ any longer, I will put a OneDrive link in the album name or description.

    • SergejsU says:

      Do you know how ****** those pics will look on the Facebook wall? And, if video, that it will take eternity to start to stream initiated from FB? And that it will not work on most mobile platforms?

  54. LM says:

    some extra storage +500Mb for referral extra bonus. Just need to login

  55. Christopher King says:

    Figures that the one app that should have been the very FIRST to get updated is the Windows 8.1 Skydrive app, and yet here we are and it still hasn’t appeared in the Windows Store or as a Windows Update under the new name.

    • Harry says:

      It does not exist in the store and maybe they should update it now via Windows Update but updates from Windows Update are meant to only come on the second Tuesday of the month unless it’s a very important security update.

  56. kleyton says:

    if i have that 100gb

  57. Sudhir mangla says:

    I got my 3 gb Free today.

    Now my total is 28GB for free.

    use link below to get 500mb for free

  58. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    I want to tell the photo/video story of my life using OneDrive. So, storing, sharing and publishing on other social platforms is not sufficient. Could we have an integrated social platform, please?

  59. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    Could we have integrated crowd sourcing platform functionality to contribute to the Bing Maps Experience with photos, videos and Photosynths, please?

  60. Joscelin.Trouwborst says:

    Could we have photo and video storage for free, as with Apple’s iCloud, please? Or, have free storage based on the Creative Commons license for re-use.

  61. Tonion Ng says:

    I just downloaded the desktop onedrive app for my window 7, and the setup was still skydrive.
    Is this because MS has not changed the link yet or there will be no onedrive app for window 7 ?

    • Harry says:

      Windows 8.1 has not yet been updated, it takes time to update across all the products Microsoft has, but as long as the phone apps and website are up to date you can get 8GB of extra free storage, that’s the most important part at the moment.

      • Tonion Ng says:

        Thanks, Harry :D.
        I turned on the auto upload setting in picture hub, then I take a picture with my phone (wp7). The picture was uploaded to my onedrive a/c, but my a/c still have only 7Gb data. Did I do anything wrong ?

        • Harry says:

          Have you updated and visited the app?
          I had auto upload turned on and used it for a while (WP8), the only thing I did today was update the app and start it. When I went to settings > account it said 28GB. Same when I did it for someone else, I just updated the app, started it and when viewing the account under settings it went from 7GB to 10GB.

  62. Harry says:

    It’s nice with the extra storage, what would be great now is that you give away a bit more space, 1GB free for life for “loyal” Microsoft customers, like 1GB for those who have connected their Microsoft account to a Windows 8(.1) device, 1GB for those who use a Windows Phone and 1GB for Xbox users.

  63. Daniel says:

    Camera backup does not seem to work for my Android device (LG G2), it says all photos have been backed up not none are…. it might be looking in the wrong folder.

    Other than that… it is a great app!

  64. George says:

    What about the users that are already using skydrive ?

    • Harry says:

      You get to keep all you files and storage space but is able to get up to 8GB more, for the good old users it means they may get 33GB of free storage. The same service improved and rebranded.

  65. says:

    @onedrive storage rocks

  66. says:

    How do we get the free 100 GB of storage?

  67. Omafukka says:

    Honestly, do we need all this???
    According to all the MS-commercials people in the whole world must had been unhappy cause they had no cellular, *****, tablet and no cloud!
    Poor grandpa!

  68. Rodolfo says:

    100 Gb for one year? what about after, you have to paid anyway. Box app give 50 Gb for free, for ever….

    • Harry says:

      50GB from Box is just a promotion, they offer only 10GB by default, matched by Microsoft when you use auto upload and Microsoft is better with up to 15GB.

      Personally I have 50GB Box and 28,5GB OneDrive, the worst part with Box is that they have a 250MB limit to file size for free users, OneDrive file size limit is 2GB as far as I know.

  69. Kryta says:

    still prefer skydrive name

  70. ed says:

    Has the speed improved on this one or is it still slow snail ..

  71. Vaughn says:

    What about syncing of Shared Folders to the file system? There are a whole lot of us that have been waiting years now for this, and nothing. Or perhaps this is pretty much just a “name change” release and we shouldn’t have been expecting long-missing, important features?

  72. SW says:

    I managed to get the camera roll to backup a test photo on the Android app but no sign of the free 3gb. Contacted customer support who where absolutely no use either time I contacted them and both sessions where about 45mins…. Microsoft sort your customer support out!

  73. Lyle says:

    How long will the shared links we set up in SkyDrive continue to work? Do I have to relink and send the new ones out?

  74. bing says:

    perfect for my company
    congrats microsoft

  75. Live says: is incorrect as it is actually making a comeback

    • Harry says: just redirected to goes to
      people is
      calendar is is not making a comeback, it was here all along.

      • GW says:

        I expect that after rebranding the “skydrive” name will disapper as well the “” subdomain’s name also will vanish. What makes me wonder is whether the links pointed to “” will be resolved in the future.

        • GW says:

          Harry, something went wrong – this is my anawer to your post a little above. ;)

        • Harry says:

          For whether the links pointing to will be resolved in the future. I would expect so, I looked at some old email that shared files and notebooks on SkyDrive and they all use the skydrive subdomain, and I don’t think it will “vanish” for several reasons, firstly it’s just a subdomain, even if they don’t use they will have the main domain, second directs me to and last I still have a couple of OneNote notebooks that are on the domain from the days when I used Office Live Workspace and that was discontinued about four years ago. Microsoft owns the rights to so many domain names and keeping a few for the discontinued services (especially subdomain) is something that they do and I see no reason why they should not continue to do so to keep everything working smoothly, it’s a low price to pay for a better user experience.

  76. Ward J. says:

    Smooth update across all my iOS devices, photo backup working perfectly. Thanks! (Also for the 3GB)

    Ward J.

  77. It’s great to see new name in action now and also loving the new refer a friend and get more storage addition! :)

  78. Syed Ali says:

    SkyDrive or OneDrive give the best.that’s it.

  79. says:


  80. anonymous says:

    you need to log IN and LOG out and IN again to get it. GET IT!

  81. John says:

    do I need to update any of my windows clients or will this be done automatically?

  82. Giving away gigabytes of storage for 1 year is really giving away temporary storage that you will eventually be forced by Microsoft to pay for. It’s a SCAM.

  83. Giving away gigabytes of “free” storage is really about giving away temporary storage that 1 year from now you’re going to be forced by Microsoft to pay for. It’s a SCAM.

  84. We wanted to have 100 GB space we hope that we’re among the first ones :D

  85. un-named says:

    Yeah, I had Skydrive then updated to Onedrive on my iPhone (iOS7). it asked me to turn on camera roll backup for the extra 3GB. I did that and STILL WAITING MICROSOFT… my account on my PC still shows Camera Roll Bonus … 0. I was lucky to get the 100GB (but that is not permanent).
    Tried to uninstall and reinstall on my iPhone still asks to activate camera roll backup but still no extra space. It DOES back up to my Camera Roll folder but no extra storage…
    Bad Form :-(

  86. Evan says:

    Passcode lock would be useful when all the photos are stored in the cloud.

  87. Harry says:

    Can I trade in my 100GB 1 year storage for 10GB of 10 years (or permanent) storage? Please :)

  88. WinMetro says:

    Is SkyDrive and still in Windows after the reorg? It seems like it since your team is still called “Windows Services”. Move to Apps & Services team.

  89. TommyK says:

    Where can I find details on what exactly onedrive is doing during sync, what happens when I delete files locally, move files that are backed-up, rename files that are backed-up, delete files from onedrive-what happens? how does everything work, exactly? Don’t refer me to another youtube promo video. Thanks.

    • DAS1951 says:

      TommyK, regarding your question/s about synchronisation behaviour, I can report some experience of my use of SkyDrive (OneDrive) since last summer, when I acquired a Windows Phone 8. Before that I only ‘used’ SkyDrive to see what it looks like.

      I have not installed any app, choosing to sync via the mobile internet or WiFi.

      Your question is a good one but the answer/s should be in a Help section, and this is not the thread to ask about such things.

      As regards image/photo backup it acts slightly unexpectedly compared to a true backup service on the one hand or a two-way sync service as the MS Office section seems to have become (and which Google Drive has had since about 2012, the date when it was introduced) on the other.

      Photos taken on the camera phone are sent to SkyDrive/OneDrive and stay there until deleted directly. Deleting or removing images from the phone does not delete the images in the cloud, and deleting/removing from the cloud does not affect the images on the phone.

      This is not dissimilar to Google Docs (not GDrive) and I think Android phone users can auto-backup pictures via the mobile network or WiFi.

      However, if it becomes true 2-way synching you will have all sorts of effects like the ones you have mentioned, plus some potentially unexpected ones.

      If so, the OneDrive, like Google Drive, is *not* a place for safe backup. To avoid problems you need to go to a dedicated backup service with *no* 2-way sync’ing and *no* sharing.

      • DAS1951 says:

        PS. I have been using OneNote 2010 and sync’ing it across my computer (Vista) and phone (WP8) via (what is now) OneDrive and there you see true 2-way sync’ing.

        Amend or delete anything in one place, and the action is replicated everywhere else.

  90. Anuwat says:

    Still the same,
    Windows 8.1 you still are forcing people to sign-in PC with microsoft account thing before can use OneDrive.
    Please change this policy. I want to use OneDrive but I DO NOT WANT to sign-in PC with Microsoft account

    I will stick with DropBox as long as Microsoft account requirement on Win8.1 is lifted.

    • Tony says:

      They are giving you a free service with free storage & you don’t want to log in to get it. I can not believe the stupidity of some people that walk the planet ………Go boil your head Anuwat see if it improves it’s function….

    • Hollowman says:

      I have the same problem. It’s not about “not wanting to log in”, it’s about being forced to use my personal hotmail account, or some other special made-up account, to use the feature at work.

      We have field technicians that I want to be able to share office files with on thier phones. The problem with Dropbox is that it doesn’t (yet) allow for user permissions when sharing a folder (and a link is useless because you can’t browse). Skydrive/Onedrive allows us to control write/delete permissions, but won’t let you sign up with a corporate email account. This forces us to create (and hence, manage) numerous dummy Microsoft email accounts.

      Would love to use (and pay for a corporate level account), but the necessity for a Microsoft account seems petty. Big companies will go elsewhere.

  91. SocratesGS says:

    Activating the Camera Roll feature didn’t award me with the 3GB additional storage. Apparently a lot of people are complaining about this.

  92. Munna Kumar Sharma says:

    Thanks onedrive……….earlier my onedrive storage was 27gb. But yesterday i received an email of upgrading my onedrive storage of 20gb for 2years, yes guys its for 2 years not the 1 years as mentioned in some other posts or article. and 3 gb for my camera upload photo. I follow the procedure and now I have——–

    Earlier——————————————27 GB
    Camera link————————————-3 GB
    Bonus of 20 GB for 2 years—————–20 GB = 50 GB in total. Hurray……………………OneDrive …………..Thanks a lot. My handset is Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia 700.

  93. John Barr says:

    I don’t have any Smart Phones, ipad’s or anything like that. I didn’t use Skydrive & won’t be using Onedrive either. How do I delete it from my Computer? I have no need of it.

  94. Bloggerseed says:

    Great. We can still hope for 20gb with our account

  95. Peter Jongeneel says:

    No 3GB for Camera over here….

  96. Jim Chapin says:

    With respect to the 100 free GB promotion for one year, what happens at the end of the year? Will the files that have been uploaded to the space given in the promotion be removed by Microsoft or will they continue to be available for download without signing up for a paid plan? If so, for how long? Thanks.

  97. GC says:

    I turned on camera roll, but I didn’t get the 3 gb bonus that I was promised. ***?

  98. Martin says:

    Good morning,

    I have activated the camera roll backup to save photos automatically. However I have only 7 GB still. Where are my 3 GB?

  99. Errol says:

    I have activated onedrive to save photos automatically. However I have only 25 GB still. Where are my 3 GB?
    I have 100GB storage extra for 1 year, thanks for that but i would like to receive my 3 GB!!!!!!

  100. CloudExpert says:

    The camera roll bonus is not working for many people and Microsoft support is saying that its engineers are aware of it via their chat room. I think some form of official statement or explanation would be welcome by many. Any ETA on when this will be fixed would also be welcome.

    • no-named says:

      Well at least they are looking into it, just uneasy that they “rolled” this out but it has issues with others… FYI gave a buddy that has Windows Phone Lumia 1020 and he had been saving all this photos to camera roll, so when he told me about it I did it and still waiting for 3GB but he got his…maybe something tied to were you doing it before the roll out .. unsure… still waiting..

      • CloudExpert says:

        I finally got my 3GB camera bonus. It must be that it takes a while to activate and if that is the case, Microsoft should clarify this to avoid disgruntled users and manage expections.

        On a positive note, I am loving the new collaborative features of Onedrive. What I would like to see next is the ability to turn off download when sharing a public link to a file and also the possibility to mount my Onedrive as a network drive. I would like to be able to save my files directly to Onedrive without having to create a copy on my local disk and then Sync to the cloud. I can saveoffice douments directly to Onedrive but not pdf, pictures and other documents. I am still on Windows 7 – so I don’t know whether you can do this on Windows 8.1.

    • CloudExpert says:

      I have never seen 27GB free. I know old users have 25GB and new users have 7Gb but this 27GB puzzles me. Camera bonus and referral would appear on a different line. Anyone see something like this before?
      I would also like to think that new users who have been referred can get a max of 15.5GB free. The initial 7GB + 3GB for cameral roll + 5GB for referral and 0.5GB for accepting a referral. So the person you referred could end up with 0.5 GB more than you when it comes to free permanent storage space. What do people think?

  101. osm says:

    I really do want to use OneDrive, but a couple of things keep me using Dropbox.

    1. Inability to revert back to previous versions of any file type (in OneDrive this is only possible for Microsoft Office files). Dropbox supports version history for all file types.

    2. When sharing a file, OneDrive reveals the full path to that file within my OneDrive in the information sidebar. Dropbox does not reveal this information.

    3. OneDrive does not put icon overlays on files/folders in Explorer that summarises sync status, at least in WIndows 8.1. Dropbox does. This is great for at-a-glance information on what files/folders are up to date in terms of sync status.

    Please address these issues and I will switch to OneDrive.

  102. RangeRover_9 says:

    By signing up to OneDrive I no longer have access to my files on SkyDrive.

    I have a navigation app on my phone which still accesses SkyDrive and I can see my files, but that app will only download files with a .gpx extension.

    How can I recuperate files from Skydrive and transfer them to OneDrive?

  103. avi says:

    turned on camera roll backup and no extra 3GB, what a bunch of bull!!!

  104. What about the users that are already using skydrive ?

  105. Ent User says:

    When will existing SkyDrive Pro users see their app rebranded, presumably via an MS update?

    And when will the download be rebranded as this still has SkyDrive all over it?

  106. Jennifer says:

    all of my computers except the one running windows 8.1 updated to onedrive… AND now my computer that is windows 8.1, running skydrive, will NOT sync anything to my onedrive folder, so I can’t access it on all my other computers. anyone have this problem and what do you recommend??

    • Brett says:

      I alos haave a similar issue. My Android phone is switched to Onedrive but my laptop and Desktop at work are Skydrive. How do I get my Skydrive to update to ONedrive?

  107. Did anyone in-house attempt to review this fancy-dancy marketing splash page using IE9? It no workee for me!!! 8-{

  108. User says:

    How do we opt out of microsoft advertising spam email?

  109. helix8 says:

    Thanks for the article.
    I have a couple of quick, simple suggestions:
    1) On the web interface, allow to default show folder layout, NOT a collage of pictures from onedrive folders. I can’t use skydrive for my company if private/sensitive client photos & graphs show up everytime we log into!

    2) On the android interface, create a persistent link once a document has been downloaded locally. Give us an option to select a locally-downloaded document from the onedrive app, not from using a file manager system.

    These should be pretty basic to implement and would improve the onedrive experience.

  110. Padd1414 says:

    Shame they don’t offer rewards for people who have been using the Service for years :/

  111. Thanks in favor of sharing such a nice opinion, post is fastidious, thats why i have read
    it entirely

  112. Anne says:

    Signed into OneDrive for the first time this morning…finally got my camera roll bonus of 3gb a short while ago…took about 12 hours to update.

  113. KONEY says:


    To automatically save photos and videos:
    Get the OneDrive app.
    Tap Menu.
    Select Settings.
    Tap Camera Backup.
    Turn on Camera Backup.

    the problem is that my Android app DOES NOT HAVE a camera backup option AT ALL. Just downloaded the thing from Google play, says version 1.2.

  114. no-named says:

    FINALLY got the 3GB camera roll bonus… took 2 days but checked this morning & YES it was there.. not sure what the problem was and was never contacted but it is there now….better late than never.

  115. OUTraged says:

    total garbage….7gb only? and you have to PAY?? HA…I don’t think so you bloody scammers….I rather have a 4tb external hdd. That is WAY better than this could ever be.

  116. GU Yuanziang says:

    Sorry OneDrive.
    I never got any promotion for SkyDrive and so do this time.
    I wonder why, I think I deserve an explanation>

  117. Frankly, F*ck the Microsoft/NSA says:

    *** ScumDrive. Use to keep all your poorly taken pictures of your butt-ugly families from the National Storage Agency.

  118. Raipai says:

    beatiful day

  119. thetre says:


    is there a way you can get onedrive windows 8 app to automatically download/sync your shared files?? as in ones people have shared with you??

    if not i think this would be a good development for future updates…



  120. says:

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  121. Juan Pablo Velazquez says:

    I updated from Skydrive to One Drive and my files only get updated on the web on Onedrive under Windows 8.1, but if Access the same information on Internet explorer over Windows 7 mode, the information remains as it was before the change. I also CAN’T see the updated information under my Android phone. Something is wrong¡¡¡,

    How can this be fixed?

  122. What kind of software do you call this?**********8595932
    OneDrive is always failing ,unreliable, supportable. SkyDrive/OneDrive is the worst piece of software that Microsoft has shipped since Win16.

  123. You undoubtedly ensure it is show up very easy with your presentation however i to locate the following topic to generally be seriously one thing i imagine I’d never ever comprehend. It seems far too challenging and extremely broad personally. I’m just looking in advance inside your upcoming upload, Let me seek to master the item!

  124. Two questions:
    1. How to change the title of a File [ Dossier ]
    2. How do you recommend ONE DRIVE to a friend [ filleul ]?
    Thank you very much,
    Best regards, Pierre and Jacqueline Francois

  125. Hiparci says:

    i can’t use in Turkey :S
    not available in my country yet.

  126. Mark says:

    I wish you would post some actual details for business users. This is all just marketing fluff, “the ability to store, sync, and collaborate on files across multiple devices with ease, manageability, and security”

    Oh really, how does it work with active directory domain accounts? How does it work with XP clients that use AD-mapped home directories using cached logins and roaming profiles? how does it work with a radius-authenticated ipad connecting through a firewall that allows only port 80 and 443?

    These are basic real-world scenarios but we get no hard information, just a promise of free space… post some real details!

  127. Alex says:

    I cannot download any file from OneDrive when using android phone’s browser, I have tried different browsers but still unsuccessful.

  128. Nate says:

    I feel like I have a love-hate relationship with this service. At this point the only reason I’m considering keeping a Microsoft Account is because they’ve made it to where your PC is gimped to **** without it (Windows 8.1), but ordering Windows 7 Recovery DVDs from HP may be able to remedy that for me.

    The iOS App is designed in such a ******** fashion. I just finished editing a ton of video (sports analysis, etc.) and now I have to sign up for Dropbox just to get it onto my phone (unless I install iTunes and all of its bloat?). The OneDrive iOS app does not allow you to add pictures or Videos from your OneDrive to your iPhone’s Camera Roll, making it 100% worthless as a cloud storage solution. Basically, your once your files are in there you basically cannot do what you want with them, only What Microsoft wants you to do (and they want you to only send links so that more people can go to their website).

    Have fun trying to upload a file in OneDrive to Facebook, or Flickr, or to iCloud (Shared Streams). Not going to happen. You can go through iMovie, but that’s clunky as ****.

    I’m going to create a Dropbox account for this and move my files over. This is not worth the headache.

  129. Katarzyna says:

    Do you plan to make OneDrive available on BlackBerry as well?

  130. Carl Blum says:

    Whose Brilliant Idea was it to change a Perfectly good name and to screw up millions of computers around the world? Someone Fire everybody who signed off on this move!
    Do you ever think of the ramifications of changing a folder name?
    Now, my pathed files cannot be found. Might just as well use a cloud that calls itself a cloud
    This is the kind of marketing genius that destroys a good name and good company.

    • Tony says:

      The Genius that screwed it up was Sky, Rupert Murdock & his scum media empire, they objected to the name in court. Personally I canceled my Sky TV account last year ‘cos they owned the News of the World which hacked loads of phones inc. the murdered girl Millie Downer’s plus I got sick of paying them £30 a month to watch more adverts than content…

  131. Dalboni says:

    I can’t download from OneDrive to my WP’s minisdcard or internal storage. I can play m musics and see my documents from there, but i want them in my Phone too. I am full of it, really. That didn’t help me at all.

  132. Bruno Vieira says:

    Onedrive is not perfect and far from that…Onedrive has the most common problem in sync programs…you can´t sync any folder without move it into OneDrive folder. They have an extension for that, but it duplicates the folder. So, Microsoft needs to think more in this problem, that everyone want to be resolved. Alternative is Cubby, that works very good, 5GB of free space and can sync the folder you want without move it, just right click and sync.

  133. Martin Gomez says:

    how much will this cost me is the 1st catch whats the next catch

  134. Brett says:

    Can I force my laptop to update from Skydrive to ONedrive? My Android phone has changed to Onedrive but note my laptop or desktop both running Win 8.1

    • Ted says:

      same problem, my android says onedrive, my ipad says onedrive…how do I get my PC to say onedrive instead of skydrive ?

  135. เล่นไม่มีปัญหา

  136. Jose Larios says:

    I have my skydrive since many years ago with my yahoo email by user, but now I can’t access to Onedrive. Onedrive not recognize my user. What could I do?

  137. J.Miguel says:

    When will you make a app for Linux?
    A lot of users of Linux S.O. we will be grateful for that.

  138. Ingela Brandén says:

    A group I created through SkyDrive is now gone? Is not everything supposed to be transferred to OneDrive?

  139. Kozidos says:

    If you need a code to get free 1/2 you may use this one

  140. Claude says:

    woundering about the possibility to access to my docs stored on One Drive, from my friend’s computer. How do i proceed if it is possible ?

  141. Lalo says:

    My camera backup does not upload when my iphone is blocked. Why?

  142. Esteban says:

    This is a real SCAM

    First of all: SHARING, you’re using this term as if it was so wasy to use skydrive’s cloud as it is in google and it’s not. There’s no XML/JSON feed for galleries which is a must for any blog/website.

    So being able to share in facebook is not a “SUPER MEGA SHARING” experience.

    Google has put up a huge effort with all the API’s they’ve built so we can put images/galleries and other content in any place, not just facebook or a mail, that’s really useless.

    So no, there’s no way I’m leaving Google+ for this false advertisement technique. let me know when you really get big, just as google, and then we’ll talk ’bout subscriptions and paid services.


  143. CK says:

    Why can iOS users not open files that I share with them? This change happened before December and has yet to be resolved.
    Is there something different iOS users need to do?

  144. Joe says:

    You **** idiots. What a hack, translating my directory name in the app and the OS too?

  145. Modesto says:

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  148. Adzuno says:

    OneDrive offers very nice file cloud storage service.

  149. Murugan says:

    i want to know creating office files(word,powerpoint) available in android apps or not

  150. Roger Busby says:

    I have 2 brand new devices (PC and Laptop) both running Widows 8.1 (upgrades from Windows 8.0).
    The Office Account page qualifies running Windows 8.1 on both, with Office 365 and shared service for “Onedrive”.
    The user profile and Windows presentation on the laptop still reflects “Skydrive” and certainly updates my documents entered / amended and filed from that device (excel / word / .pdf / photos / music etc etc) and I have no issue with the additional cloud capacity purchased; however the user profile and Windows presentation on the PC reflects “Onedrive” and DOES not show / display any new / amended material that has been entered on “Skydrive”.

    What is resolution to this enigma, as I now wish to use external devices in other office locations with my Account Profile on not from my laptop / android is there anyone out there who have encountered this issue?

  151. I have just uploaded around 2000 or so pictures onto onedrive and downloaded the app on my iPhone5. I was just wondering if there’s a way to save all the pictures from there on to my camera roll? and if so, can someone please tell me. Thanks:)

  152. I wish you would post some actual details for business users.thanks for sharing information and more accounting details pls visit…Chartered accountant in bangalore

  153. Tanveer khan says:

    in my Intel xolo there is not available one drive

  154. Right here is the right web site for anybody who hopes to understand this topic.

    You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that
    I personally will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a new spin on a subject that’s been discussed
    for a long time. Great stuff, just wonderful!

  155. David says:

    It is extremely limiting to have such storage limits as 3, 5 or even 10GB. With the amount of content that is produced in this digital world everyday with more photos and video especially, the limits need to be in the hundreds of GB and even TB

  156. Sivakumar says:

    How can i move or copy file in one “one drive account” to another “one drive account”?

  157. AnonGuy says:

    On Android, OneDrive needs to be updated to support Android’s Storage Access Framework so that we can Open or Attach from other applications using the unified application UI. This is important, IMO. It really ****** me off to see Apple talk about iCloud Drive and see OneDrive listed there, when the Android app still hasn’t been updated to support this on Android. I’m really close to switching everything over to Google Drive and downgrading back to Windows 7. This is getting ridiculous.

    Keep your apps updated. It’s bad form to not implement something this fundamental and important to the consistency of user experience on Android in a cloud storage app from a major software developer like Microsoft…

  158. says:

    Give back skydrive cause onedrive sucks typically mickeysoft, replace good working program witch **** program

  159. ANY FLORES says:

    oondeee ?:???? estão minhas fotos ????que estavam no meu sky drive, que eu ja usa desde 2010???? meus arquivos estão vazios, QUERO MINHAS FOTOS DE VOLTAAAAAAAAAA!

  160. Thank you for this post, this post will really helpful for business users who are use One Drive cloud storage.

  161. Sick To Death of Microsoft Failures says:

    Congrats, Chris. Epic fail. One Drive is such a bad joke. It can’t even figure out what to do with a roaming user profile. The chances of my or mine entrusting MS with anything in the cloud are now ZERO. You should be ashamed.

  162. Amazed says:

    I cannot believe the stupid in these comments. The raving by people who for a few GB of space have zero interest in why these companies are providing all of these wonders for free.

    Many posters have patted themselves on the back at their “good fortune” in getting even more space for free, yet these posters are also oblivious as to why these offers exist.

    Each one of you is the same as the Hansel and Gretel kids who are fed and fed and fed completely unaware as to WHY.

    Business users should be especially vigilant as to where their information is stored. The IP of the data is being freely given away and all I can see here, (except for a few) are suckers lining up for their next butt pounding. You people who call yourself informed, yet line up for this **** should be ashamed.

    And switch to a Windows phone? Would you like a polio blanket with that as well? The windows phone is the single largest pile of **** made, next to Windows 8. Again, you plebs will flock to the MS teat like ill informed children that you so plainly illustrate you are.

  163. Chamiu_it says:

    Please release SDK for OS X.

  164. Daniel says:

    I like how the iPad got dropped in the fish tank, it was funny

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  172. rabblerabble says:

    Indeed. It’s amazing how entitled people deem themselves.

  173. hmmm ! i never get any promotion offer like 25gb ( lifetime ) or ( 20gb – year ) + 100gb/3yr like

    even i m using windows phone lumia 720 & 1020

    it’s like they don’t do a right thing lolzz @onedrive

  174. BLIowwc says:

    I received 20GB/year free by subscribing onedrive newsletter before it launched~ You’re just not interest in Onedrive or else you would go visit the Onedrive website before it was released. Just unlucky. User Lumia 925 here, agree with you that MSFT did not offer us Lumians free storage on its launch day.

  175. Richard says:

    …and not forgetting the ‘s’ in maths. :-)

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