One place for all your work files — introducing OneDrive for Business


Earlier today at the SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, Jeff Teper made some exciting announcements regarding OneDrive for Business.  I wanted to share some additional details about them with you.


OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) is personal online storage for a company’s employees.  It’s the place where people can store, sync, and share their work files across multiple devices with ease and security. With OneDrive for Business you can collaborate with others in real time right from within Office and edit documents from virtually anywhere via a web browser in real time using Office Online. Accessing your files from multiple devices is a cinch with native OneDrive for Business and Office Mobile apps (including Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices).


Not only is OneDrive for Business a simple and intuitive file sync and storage solution for employees, it’s a trusted service that provides enterprise-grade content management, compliance, and administrative controls, and it is financially backed by the industry-leading Office 365 Service Level Agreement.


Now even easier to get started

Over the past year we’ve seen many customers using SkyDrive Pro (the predecessor to OneDrive for Business) as their first Office 365 “workload” in the cloud alongside their existing on-premises infrastructure. Today we’re excited to share that we’re making it even easier for customers to get started with OneDrive for Business. The changes—some that are already available and others that will be available soon—include:


- OneDrive for Business will be available for purchase as a standalone service. It’s also still available as part of many Office 365 for business plans, but the new standalone plan makes it easy to get started using cloud storage and sharing.


- It’s now easier to access, find, and manage your work files because of new user experience enhancements to OneDrive for Business.


- On-premises SharePoint customers can now configure OneDrive for Business more easily—with just a few clicks—with Service Pack 1 on-premises SharePoint customers to configure OneDrive for Business with just a few clicks with Service Pack 1.


OneDrive for Business standalone subscription

Customers are already able to purchase OneDrive for Business as a part of Office 365 plans and SharePoint Online plans. Starting April 1, 2014, OneDrive for Business with Office Online will be available also as a standalone service. With the new offering, businesses of all sizes can get started with a full-featured and intuitive file sync and share service that includes Office Online, so employees can collaborate on Office documents in real time via a browser or using their Office desktop applications.


The standalone offer gives businesses 25 GB of storage per employee with the option to purchase additional storage, offline sync and access from multiple devices and platforms, and a strong set of enterprise-ready administrative controls. And when you’re ready for more Office 365 services, like business-class email or online meetings, it’s easy to add them.


Learn more about the standalone offering here.


Easier to access, find, and manage your work files

Over the past year we delivered a steady stream of new features and capabilities to OneDrive for Business, including increased file sizes, higher storage limits, mobile apps (Office Mobile for iPhone and Android, and native OneDrive for Business app for iOS), and improved user experiences like the Shared with Me view.



You can easily access OneDrive for Business from your mobile devices (OneDrive for Business app for iOS shown)



You can access OneDrive for Business on Android phones, iPhones, and Windows Phones.


With this latest release, we’re making it even easier for customers to access their OneDrive for Business and to find and manage their work files. Below are some of the highlights.


Simple controls. We introduced the most common tasks in OneDrive for Business as controls directly above your personal document folder. With one click, you can create new Office docs, upload files, sync your files for offline use, share your files, and more.


Simplified controls make it even easier to use and manage your OneDrive for Business.


Site folders. We added a new Site Folders view that takes you directly to document libraries of sites you’re following.


Now you can get to sites you’re following fast, right from OneDrive for Business.


Search. Another improvement is the new OneDrive for Business search box. It’s smarter, with type-ahead features helping you find a document that might have been shared with you, or one that you tucked away several folders deep. You can also perform actions, like sharing these files, directly from the search results.


Finding files and sharing them is even faster with the improved search box.


Easier access. You can now get to your OneDrive for Business documents directly by pointing your browser to http://<tenant> (for example, Easy to remember, and easy to get to your files.


Easier for IT to connect SharePoint Server 2013 with OneDrive for Business

We’re also making it easier for customers who have SharePoint 2013 on-premises to use OneDrive for Business in the cloud alongside their existing SharePoint deployment. With SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1), an IT administrator can set up OneDrive for Business using familiar IT controls.


Learn more about these Service Pack 1 enhancements here.


More enhancements on the way

To improve OneDrive for Business even more, we’re working on a bevy of new capabilities that will begin surfacing throughout this calendar year, including a native Mac OS sync
client, a native Android OneDrive for Business app, advanced auditing and reporting features, encryption at rest, data loss prevention (DLP), extensibility improvements, even higher storage limits, and more. And these are just our enhancements to OneDrive for Business! We’re also continuing to build deeper cross-Office 365 experiences, making OneDrive for Business the best file, sync, share, and collaboration solution available.


How do I get OneDrive for Business?

If you’re an existing Office 365 customer using OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro), you do not need to take any action, because the new name and capabilities will automatically be reflected in your service experience. If you are interested in the new OneDrive for Business standalone offering, you can purchase this beginning April 1, 2014. In celebrating the launch, we’ll offer two promotional offers, beginning in April and running through September 2014. Here are the pricing details for the standalone plan:


  • - Promotional pricing: $2.50 per user per month in all licensing agreements/programs (50% discount).


  • - For customers with Office with SA or Office 365 ProPlus: $1.50 per user per month; agreement types included: Open, Enterprise Agreement, and MPSA.


OneDrive for Business is also available in (and included with) most Office 365 and SharePoint Online plans at no additional cost.


We’re very excited about the above announcements and the benefits that OneDrive for Business will provide for our customers.  You can learn more about OneDrive for Business here, and get started with a trial today!

UPDATE:  At the SharePoint Conference, we also announced that we are working on a native Mac OS sync client for OneDrive for Business with a targeted beta release later this calendar year.  We also announced plans to release a native OneDrive for Business  App for Android, also targeted for release later this calendar year.  The blog post above has been edited to reflect these announcements.

Julia White
General Manager, Office 365 Technical Product Management

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372 Responses to One place for all your work files — introducing OneDrive for Business

  1. Appahman says:

    when will Microsoft Roll OneDrive for Business onto OSX native?

    • Anonymous says:

      Why on earth would they ever do that? OSX is the enemy

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re so 1990.

        • Anonymous says:

          the correct question is when will Apple build native capabilities for Microsoft cloud services into their iOS and OSX operating platforms. Microsoft can’t build anything native to OSX because they don’t own the source code

          • says:

            and yet all of one drives competitors have a Mac app which makes them really easy to use…..

          • Mike says:

            There is an App for OneDrive, just like dropbox.

          • John Stumpe says:

            Re: Native support
            So why do I need an App on Windows as well?
            It happens to be that Microsoft actual supports Mac for both boxed, licensed and cloud versions of Office, so it would be pretty decent to do the same with OneDrive for Business (there is an App for the private version (former Live)) …
            As another one stated, all the competitors support Mac, and as far I know Apple also supports both Windows and Mac with their iCloud.
            This is not a question of religion, it happens to be so that a lot of uses both Microsoft and Apple and likes both.

      • JD says:

        OSX is the enemy is why Ballmer nearly ran Microsoft into the ground.

        Satya’s new strategy that Macs and other devices or operating systems are NOT the enemy is what will save Microsoft. Trying to force people to use Microsoft devices was a bad decision.

        Now we wait to see how long Microsoft fanboys and IT curmudgeons will take to realize that Macs should be a welcome tool in IT and that their business users want them and their customers use them. I think its time for the anti-Apple IT folks to find a new profession.

        Hope to see OneDrive for Business out sooner than later. We will not entertain OneDrive as a standard until it supports multiple devices like others have (for many years already) The consumer version doesn’t work the same – remember not to confuse the two.

        • slickmoon says:

          Actually it’s curmudgeonly Apple fanboys who need to realise what a tiny and decreasing minority they are, and that the rest of the world is gradually getting less inclined to spend fortunes adapting everything to accommodate their strangely unshakeable pecadillo.

  2. Howtoconnect says:

    Thanks for availing trial version. Really simplified may things.

  3. Aro Hulu says:

    Thank you this Frive Sofware. Really Thing For Used

  4. Ken says:

    I would love to sync my files with my Mac OSX desktop. When will that capability be released?

  5. Jason Adams says:

    In a recent Microsoft form, one of your employees heavily eluded to there would be an OS X client app announced after many people have expressed disappointment and frustration that one has not been available yet. Am I take it for the absence of any mention in your blog, that this is again not happening?

  6. Norman Di P. says:

    If Dropbox can make a native Mac OS X client, why can’t we have one for OneDrive?

  7. No OSX says:

    Still no OS X client for business version?

  8. These are some exciting updates, but I’m also disappointed not to hear about a native Mac OS X client. Can anyone provide any insight into when that feature may be coming?

  9. Peter says:

    OSX Client coming…

  10. Give the People What They Want says:

    OSX App for OD4B now!

  11. Roberto says:

    I cannot find any of the new feature on my OneDrive for Business:
    - no “simple controls”
    - no “new search”
    - no “site folders” link


    Thank you,

    • The features you referenced will show in your OneDrive for Business Web view when you are in-browser in Office 365. It takes 1-3 weeks for us to roll a new feature to all WW production tenants. It’s in progress now …

  12. Johan Sch says:

    Great announcement, only missing the most important part. Will there ever be a OneDrive for Business for Mac OSX ?

  13. Tom Noels says:

    It is called onenote for business, why not just releasing some Ad policies also?
    It exists for office, it seems more then logic to extend this to onedrive. Or am I overlooking something?
    For example changing the default sync folder seems to basic to ask, but till today not possible to push or change globally…

  14. Zag says:

    I’m so confused….

    Why does my old OneDrive account not show up on my Office 365 sharepoint OneDrive? They appear to be completely different accounts.

    What a mess!!

    • OneDrive is based on your Microsoft Account ID, is free and is intended for your personal files. OneDrive for Business (based on SharePoint Online) is a for-pay service connected to your business OrdID intended for your business files – connected to the whole of your company’s infrastructure.

      We do understand the confusion. Please visit to read more about OneDrive for Business as a part of Office 365.

  15. M says:

    Is there is still a requirement for external people to have a Microsoft email address? This is a real pain for most of our clients.

    • No. You can invite to any email address (Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, business emails, etc.). And yes, the invitee has to associate that email address to the Microsoft Account system – this does not create a new inbox, but rather a known, trusted authentication user name and password combination for which is then federated to the SharePoint Online ecosystem.

  16. Datamicke says:

    We are 20 employees and 90 students waiting for OneDrive for Business for Mac OSX here at our work/school. Really hope it will be released soon.
    Have a nice day!

    • Great to hear. We’re excited to deliver it this year as we announced at SharePoint Conference 2014. There’s a lot you can already do using Mac/Safari with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online. Try drag/drop, save from desktop client apps, bulk upload, …

  17. Neil van der Merwe says:

    As a Mac user (and we have lots of them), Onedrive for Business without a Mac sync client is pretty useless… Come on Microsoft!

  18. Diego Belmar says:

    I also need Onedrive for Business OS X Client!!

    And like Roberto, I do not see anything new in my account of office 365 for small business. Perhaps that is configured in Spanish?.

    Regards from Chile!

  19. Long Time O365 uses on a Mac says:

    Microsoft released the basic OneDrive for Mac, now we just need the native OneDrive for Business native app for Mac.

    Common Microsoft…or do you want us all to continue using Box/Dropbox ?

    We also hope the Safari integration with SharePoint 2013 is also improved…Or do we need to bring back IE for Mac ?

  20. Robert says:

    I’m new to all these cloud storage technology. What happens to my documents in the clouds (OneDrive) should one delete them from source, that is my computer or mobile phone. Will I still have them intact in OneDrive?

  21. Mike says:

    Need an OS-X client. Without it we’ll have to consider other options. The other cloud services provide one (Drobox, Google, Box etc)

    • There are many other things to consider when you start to consider what you may start considering. Other options have limited Office support, lack of eDiscovery, a disconnected file sharing repository, lack of the concept of a team truly working together, limited governance/permissions, etc.. we’re working on the sync client for Mac … consider carefully all the limitations … sync is on the way.

  22. Jasom says:

    +1 For Mac OneDrive for Business native app

  23. Sasa says:

    When will SFTP be supported by OneDrive?
    Thank you.

  24. MV says:

    Following up on the above:
    - Mac client is greatly desired (Outlook is tough enough to suffer through, but OneDrive could have been done without waiting for the next release of Office).
    - The branding is horrible. OneDrive and OneDrive for Business are two completely different services and shouldn’t have the same name-in the Office 365 web portal the “for Business” is omitted, so most users are understandably confused when they click on that “OneDrive” link and don’t see their OneDrive data which is registered under the same email account. Extraordinarily poor user experience there.
    - The difficulty with the web platform is the inability to do batch uploads/downloads- its a step-by-step affair. We already have established workflows and would love to just bring these to the cloud, but rebuilding them is anything but convenient.

  25. NotAMacUser says:

    so what mac forum did this hit? Seriously. Macs in the business world represent such a small market share.

  26. RUA says:

    According to your images, are onedrive supports now tablets but I still cannot see the app for my android tablet which have the latest OS version

  27. KL says:

    This is confusing. Is 25GB included with Sharepoint Online stand-alone plans 1 and 2? Or, is it only included for Office 365.

  28. Shaun Green says:

    All just smoke and mirrors, if it still does not work with MacOS

  29. Steve West says:

    Mac OneDrive for Business App would really keep my growing number of Office 365 using clients very happy. That and search for calendars in OWA (I know, this request is slightly off topic). While I’m off topic, better support from Apple for Exchange (in both iOS and OS X) wouldn’t hurt either!

  30. anon says:

    chuckling at all these Mac users complaining about OneDrive client for their devices – settle down kids, it will come. Or….maybe you use something useful? ;)

  31. Frode Fredriksen says:

    OneDrive has no clear terms of use other than Microsofts general terms of use which “only” is the size of a small library. Who has the knowledge or the money to pay lawyers to plow through all of this? Certainly not any windows users. The people which have this kind of resources does not buy PCs but Macs instead.

    What I am asking is: Does NSA think of people as idiots?

    Everyone with access to internet knows the flaws in the laws of the USA. As I see it this is just a way to illegally gather personal information from all over the world, or in fact spy at people and companies.

    Bying harddrives is the only safe and definitely the fastest way to keep your information in any form. And it´s also cheeper…

  32. Brian says:

    As with almost every other comment on this forum, which says something… Where is the OneDrive for Business Mac version? It seems like it has been over a year that “It’s coming soon”…

  33. Uli says:

    i need Sharepoint Workspace for 2013 Sharepoint System, discontinued, use skydrive pro, discontinued, use onedrive for business. I got Sync errors, and no Logfile, how to debug this ? The Product seems to be so new i cannot find anything.
    i changed content in Folder 20130319 – will be synced to sharepoint, i change content in folder 20130326 – will not be synced, no log

  34. says:

    Will one drive for business enable multiple spaces? Many business collaboration is between workers from different businesses.
    Worker X from company A has one-drive folder for project B and shares this with worker Z from company B as they work on the same project.
    Worker Z also works for project C where Worker X has no access, but Worker R has from company C
    And of course Worker X has photos and private data he shares with his kids and none of the companies has access to.
    Will all this be possible? Who own the data (and privacy)?

  35. Lachapelle says:

    A quand un OneDrive Cloud Player PLEAASE, j’ai toute ma musique stockée sur mon OneDrive, mais impossible de les lire sur mon Windows Phone sans télécharger le fichier…

  36. Ricardo Takayanagui says:

    I don’t open the files of office in my notbook. I only open the files of excel, acess and word in onedrive. What’s the problem?

  37. NotaHappyCamper says:

    OneDrive for Business OSX
    later this year?
    Web file access & Office Document Browser is not acceptable alternative…
    hard enough to support mac users (who girn like ******* as it is)
    every workplace has a few of them lurking about so come on MS just publish the alpha/Beta and let the community destroy/debug it.

  38. DC says:

    Please allow opening password protected files on iOS app.

  39. ch says:

    Two of use are using One Drive. Even though I have been granted all access, I can create or delete. I cannot perform any other file management. Why?

  40. CJ says:

    @Microsoft – Mac users really need to have a way to sync files for OneDrive for Business. When you already have a OneDrive personal app for OSX, why is it so hard to make the required changes for a business app.

    I know it’s not much, but I have personally lost Office 365 customers due to this. Multinational companies who are predominately Mac users (several hundred seats) were looking to switch to Office 365, but said no because of compatibility issues with sharepoint.

    Windows 8 was a massive fail for desktop based users, who are guess what, now saying F*!! this and switching to Mac products because they are more familiar due to more and more schools implementing them.

    If you are going to do a cloud collaboration tool, you need to look at the market as a whole or a lot of people are going to move away from Office 365 to products like Google Apps, purely because they are supported on all platforms.

    Oh, I forgot to mention how outdated Office for Mac has become too. When will the latest version of this product line become available to Office 365 customers?

  41. por que la aplicacion de skydrive aun no se le ha actualizado el nombre a onedrive..ya paso un tiempo muy bueno y aun no se actualiza el nombre

  42. MP says:

    Can we presume your business data is stored on servers in the US, or can you choose servers in the EU, can’t touch it if only stored on US servers like DropBox for business.

  43. Gervais Brand says:

    I have One Drive and I am interested in the OneDrive For Business. I don’t use office 365 because I have purchased and use my Office 2007 and don’t want to get committed to a monthly fee for 365. Do I have to switch to 365 if I use OneDrive Business or can I continue to use Office 2007? Also, if my file folders are identical to those offline in my Surface Pro minidisc, will it automatically sync with my One drive Business account so I don’t have to save a file twice i.e., offline and then on the cloud? Can you advise. If I sign up for the half price how long am I locked into the low cost?

  44. shibu joseph says:

    it has already been released

  45. im says:

    I just (feb 2014) switched the whole company to office365 Enterprise. One big benefit for us to get this office365 was the SkydrivePro. Unfortunatelly we are all working with Macs.
    I’m truly disappointed!
    Now I’m just thinking about, how much of our monthly ammount I will withhold till we get for what we pay…?

  46. ky siu says:

    Hi,How much it costs?

  47. Matt says:


    I am interested in whether the Check In and Out features will become available for the Onedrive for Business Sync client (Windows). We use check in and out to prevent conflicts on a major, business critical Excel Sheet. Love the sync client but don’t want to have to use the web for checking in and out.

    Am I missing a work around?



  48. Brian says:

    You all may want to all be aware of a bizarre and odd situation with OneDrive for Business and Office 365. If you have an Office 365 Small Business account, you receive 25 GB of OneDrive for Business storage for each user, however, Microsoft has NO OPTION for expanding that 25GB other than switching the entire company over to a higher level Office 365 plan that costs more than double what Small Business cost. I just got off the phone (after being transferred 4 times) with Microsoft to learn that because ONE USER in my client’s company needed an extra 5GB of OneDrive space, I would have to switch the entire company to either Small Business Premium or Mid-Size Business. Further, I discovered that even though we paid for for adding additional storage for their SharePoint Online service, Small Business users are prevented from being able to manage or allocate the space between the Team Site, Personal Sites, or OneDrive. This is all because they disabled access to the SharePoint Control Center for Small Business subscribers. Incredibly, the MS agent told me that my alternative was to have the user setup a free OneDrive account (not for business) and then they would be able to purchase just the additional space they needed. Talk about treating business customers worse than consumers! Microsoft just doesn’t seem able to do anything right.

  49. Lubo says:


    Is it possible to use and Office Lens features with OneDrive for Business?
    How can one change default setting for not to instert notes in “personal OneDrive” and use OD for Business?


  50. Adam says:

    I am quite unfamiliar with onedrive but heard many great things about it! Any Tips?

  51. Saul says:

    pls send me updated brochure…tnx

  52. Alex Woodrow says:

    Shame Onedrive does not work reliably. I don’t know of a day going by when one of my small team doesn’t have to delete the cache or resolve a file not syncing. MS just google “one drive unreliable” and you will see what I mean. Since Groove was first introduced the feature set has shrunk, but the reliability has got worse not better. I seriously thinking of getting rid of document libraries in sharepoint as we can’t take them offline reliably.

  53. says:

    When will OneDrive for business get ‘Move to’ for moving files and folders? Organising files and folders is so painful, yet free OneDrive has had it for ages.

  54. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.
    Look advanced to far added agreeable from
    you! However, how can we communicate?

  55. Marshall Turner says:

    I just tried OneDrive for the first time and found it terribly confusing. I uploaded some photos – one at a time. Could I have selected a bunch to up load? I got them uploaded and wanted to create a Folder to put them in. I never could find any way to create a folder in OneDrive or even find usable Help. I used to respect Microsoft as a premier software company, but now has lost respect for putting out such a ****** product. It appears that is has a long history of creating on line storage, but renaming it periodically, further confusing its users. I am disappointed. I still would like to know how to create a folder for the photos I uploaded (or how to select a folder on my computer and upload the whole folder intact). Where are the help files for OneDrive?

  56. John says:

    Why has the issue with 35 character limits not been fixed for Synced up SharePoint document libraries?

    This has been an issue for years now and it makes the product unusable!

  57. Jim says:

    Is there a way to upload files to the onedrive for business app from an Android phone. I am signed in to office 365 small business on my

  58. Fredrik A says:

    Nice with a rebrand of current software.. But it is really lacking the following:
    * Selective Sync
    * Performance and stability for large libraries
    * (Checkout feature for several users)

    Selective Sync
    Selective Sync is really missing in OneDrive for Business. It is available in Sharepoint Workspace 2010 but for users of Office 2013 there are no options. At all.

    With the growing support for large Document libraries in Office 365 Enterprise there is a need to be able to only selective sync some folders that you need locally. This is standard in software like Google Drive and Dropbox for business.

    There used to be a support article from Microsoft giving tips to “add small number of files in steps” to sync large Skydrive Pro libraries… If you need those kind of support articles you have failed… Onedrive for Business support 25GB storage. It should be stable. It should just be to drop thousands of files and 20 GB into the folder and it should start syncing and uploading and be done with it. Now it just makes the computer unresponsive, it fails sync, has to start over, etc…
    We (paying Office and Office 365 customers) really need a new brand new version of the Onedrive for Business Software (for windows).

    The Mac client would also be great to have! :)

  59. Sandra says:

    I downloaded OneDrive on my second computer, and I can’t see any of the content on my secondary computer that I uploaded via my primary computer. This makes me very nervous. And the online version shows the folders, but not the files that are on my primary computer. This is very disconcerting and I’m trying to figure out what the point of using it is.

  60. Rick Bumpus says:

    I see them advertising OneDrive for Business for Windows Phone but I can’t find it in the Store. I see and have OneDrive but it only accesses OneDrive personal tied to my personal Microsoft account and won’t let me sign in via my Exchange account. I can access both OneDrives on PC and Surface but not Windows Phone.

    • Dave Schudel says:

      I have the same problem. I have Pro with my Office 365 subscription, but accessing it on my WP8 phone is awkward, to put it delicately. I’d like a way on a business phone to just point OneDrive to OneDrive Pro to make sure private & company files don’t get mixed up. Many of the apps that use OneDrive are unusable with Pro.

      • Dave Schudel says:

        Oh, and why isn’t a filename that contains ‘#’ not allowed? Kinda makes C# templates hard to work with..

  61. Stephan says:

    +1 for a OneDrive Mac client!

  62. Peter Carlstedt says:

    Hello! I just got a Windows Phone and is wondering when there will be a release of Onedrive for Business? Have searched the web and the marketplace and can only find Onedrive for normal users but nothing for Business.

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  64. Anonymous says:

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  65. amy says:

    OneDrive For bussiness looks great ! but what about report for IT admin, right now is just a simple report with a total of users active and inactive. How can we get the list of all users that have onedrive personalsite ?

  66. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, the monthly costs per user are related to multiple logins or 1 login in multiple computers?
    Best regards,

  67. Rodrigo says:

    Hi, the monthly costs per user are related to multiple logins or 1 login in multiple computers?
    Best regards,

  68. Ivan Bondy says:

    What is the official story on running One Drive for Business with SP2013 on premise with sites in SP2010 mode? This was working with SkyDrive. Now we get this totally misleading message. “Sorry, we can’t sync this library because it’s hosted on a SharePoint 2010 server. For more information, please get in touch with your help desk.” I would hope that running SP2013 in compatibility mode is not same as running SP2010 server. I di not find any official statement on this topic.

  69. rajasekhar says:

    Can i automatically sync specific folders on PC to ONEDRIVE ???

  70. Terry says:

    Nobody knows how to sell OneDrive for Business if you have Software Assurance. Has anybody had luck with this?

  71. Tory Minn says:

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    Tory Minn

  72. Jim Hay-Mackenzie says:

    Since the change over from Skydrive for Business to Onedrive to business, I can not access my Onedrive desktop files. Every time I try to open Word, Excel or PowerPoint from the desktop Onedrive folder (that I synch with Sharepoint), the program crashes (“Microsoft Word has stopped working”). The Microsoft programs work well outside the Onedrive folder, so there is something with wrong with Onedrive.

    • Jim Hay-Mackenzie says:

      Worked it out. I have taken Onedrive off the computer. The computer is now running old Skydrive Pro, but I can now open the Microsoft files. I’m not sure whether I should be able to run Skydrive…

    • Laurent says:

      I have the issue. Solution is to copy/past the document elsewhere, do the modification and copy it back to onedrive for synchronisation.

  73. Anonymous says:

    you not good for tip it you not take tip go to 16 monthes you kow tip eat what……tip ต้องการเป็นอิสระ u เข้าใจไหม้ทิพ ไม่มีใคร

  74. James Howell says:

    Can you let me know when some functionality from OneDrive iPad app will be migrated to OneDrive for Business iPad app? For example, in OneDrive iPad app allows you to add items such as photos and video where as the OneDrive for Business iPad app does not. All the OneDrive for Business app allows you to do is create a folder, but NOT add anything into it…

    Also, when you upload a document using the OneDrive for Business iPad app and then you try and edit it/Launch Web App, Office 365 loads up> tap on EDIT DOCUMENT>Edit in Word Online, you get this error: ‘Sorry, you can’t edit this document with other people’. If you leave it a few hours and try to edit it again, it works fine. Why is there a delay before you can edit the document? But, if you upload the same file using the browser on your desktop you can edit it immediately.

    Sorry for all the questions but I have just rolled out 350 iPads and having issues transferring files and editing documents.


  75. Anne Newell says:

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  79. Apolodoro says:

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    Here are some things that would be very useful –
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    Options to retry the upload on a single file
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  80. TomN says:

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    Because that is really a show stopper. A GPO or a registry fix would already be sufficient.

  81. EricS says:

    The first image under the “Easier to access, find, and manager your work files” > “Simple controls” section, where you have “new upload sync edit manage share” highlighted… where does that come from? My coworker and I have the same permissions, same configs, etc, but when he goes to a SP2013 library, he sees those same 6 options, however when I go to a SP2013 library, I see “new document or drag files here”. What’s the difference in his account settings from mine that causes the display to be different? Thanks!

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    Part of the problem is that we have not been able to find a knowledgebase so that we figure things out ourselves. Can MS help provide some user setup instructions and why one would use OneDrive for Business vs SharePoint?

    Another pain point is that OneDrive cannot sync file names with special characters such as #. Causing us problems as law firm number their matters with # and we have to re-name all our files. Not a trivial issue especially when Dropbox and Drive sync without a problem.

    Lastly I would echo the demand for an OS X client. Our Mac users are not happy at all and had we known this issue, we would probably not have done the move to O365.

    • Jon says:

      Totally agree with this. We’ve just migrated from a physical server to SharePoint. Many files had invalid characters. Files were difficult to access, move or save. We are a document heavy company and during the migration found that folders had to be split to accommodate the files because of file limits. Filenames had to be changed because of invalid characters. On the other hand the system allows me save a file with an invalid character which I can’t then attach to an e-mail or create a folder with an invalid character which I then can’t access. We’ve just move to One Drive and still have similar problems. I am now forced to save thousands of files on to DVD and stuff them in a drawer. This is the most ridiculous system imaginable. If it wasn’t for regulatory issues I would move to Dropbox. I’ve been using Microsoft products since Bill Gates was a lad and never seen them produce such a poor system.

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    I have added to users my employees and sent them the invitation for their accounts but when my employees log into the account, they have access to the account but they sharing folders do not display and they can not see any of the documents have been shared with them.

    Please let me know if there is something else which needs to be done for them to see the files.


  93. Sindy says:

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  94. Orn Gudmundsson says:

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